dāgatnthe ocean'Ang puyu' nga ginpilakan kay Marya hay yadtu sa tunga'tūnga' nang dāgat.The island where Maria was banished was there in the middle of the ocean.nsea waterTinapwakan 'aku kadaku' nga dāgat; hālus sigūru daw sa punu' gid 'ang baldi.I was splashed by much sea water; it seemed as though perhaps almost a whole pailful.nmutur nga pangdāgat (mutur)a motorboat, a pumpboatpanāgat1nthe industry of ocean fishingNabubūhi' kami sa panāgat, kag sa ma'isut ku nga tindāhan.We were able to live by means of ocean fishing and by [means of] my small store.

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