ma'i-abl acfprefSomeone or something is or will be able to be an accessory to an action by someone else.The range of meaning of this accessory focus prefix includes what is generally called instrumental focus.Basta ma'ipadaya na tanan nga papīlis sa gubirmint, 'ina' hay sigurādu 'ang Lūnus may badyit.Provided all the documents will be able to be sent to the government, that's when [it] is sure that Lonos will have a budget [for its project].'Ang 'iya ma'ipangāku' sa 'ātun hay ginadiskusyunan 'ini nang 'iya 'unum nga ka'ibāhan.What is able to be promised by him is that this will be discussed by his six companions, [and] he will be one [of them].'Igwa kami ning ma'ibakay ning 'asin, puspuru, 'asūkar kag habun.We have [money] which will be able to be used for buying salt, matches, sugar and soap.syn'ika-cfgiN- giN- gina- ginabuyung2'i-1'ika--in-1-in-1na'i-na'i-

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