diriloc advAn action moves here to a person or place near the speaker; an event occurs or a state exists here in a particular place near the speaker.var'ini diri1Diri occurs most commonly in the place margin of a sentence; yāri or yāri diri occurs most commonly as a sentence predicate.Pagkabati' nāmun 'adtu nga ma'āyu na gāni' diri, nagpahatud naman kami diri sa 'āmun hāli.When we heard that it was already good here, we allowed [ourselves] to be brought here to our co-lateral relatives.Nag'inūyan; gāni' diri na lang sinda nagtingi' ning bugas sa būkid.It rained continually; this is the reason they just bought rice here in the rural area.Waya' ka pa diri, nagapamati' 'aku sa radyu kay ginapamati'an ku 'ang balīta' tungud didtu sa bulkan nga naglupuk na.When you were not yet here, I was listening to the radio because the news was being listened to by me because of the volcano which had already erupted there.cftagadiriloc adja condition, person or thing hereDiri is commonly followed by sa and a person or place.Bāsi' 'indu pina'asāwa liwat si Lūlu diri sa Rumblun?Why was Grandfather allowed by you to marry again here in Romblon?Diri sa 'āmun trabāhu mahuga' 'ini kay 'ābir naga'uyan, sīgi 'ang trabāhu.Here at our work it is difficult because even though it is raining, our work continues.loc adjThis locative adjective commonly modifies a noun or pronoun.'Ang 'ākun pangabuhī'an diri ginta'u ku na sa 'inda nga manga 'unga' ku.My source of livelihood (i.e., property) here I gave to my children.Diri sa Rumblun labi na diri sa Lūnus 'ang manga tāwu diri nga may manga lanas hay nagasalig lang gid sa 'uyan.Here in Romblon especially here in Lonos , the people here who have rice fields just depend on rain.'Ini 'ang kānam nga sīpa' lastiku, 'ang ginagāmit 'ini diri, hay lastiku da nga nababakay sa tindāhan.Here in Romblon especially here in Lonos, the people here who have rice fields just depend on the rain.As for this game of kick-the-rubber-bands, as for things that are used here, [they] are rubber bands which can be bought at a store.loc adjDiri rarely occurs as a predicate. In this position it overlaps in function with yāri.Gāni' 'ini 'ang pagkadtu sa 'iban nga lugar hay pabur da 'aku kay kung diri ka lang, waya' ning pag'iba 'ang 'īmu trabāhu.Therefore I am also in favor of the going to other places because if you are here only, your job has no variation.loc adjA following hu declares the exactness of the location indicated by diri.Pagluwas niya, diri hu sa pirtāhan hay kinilu'an 'aku.Upon his going out, right here at the door he winked at me.diri naadvThis is the reason or this is the time something happens or a state exists.'Adtung 'ātun gingkasugtānan, kung 'adtu hay ma'aprubahan, diri na kita hay mapahuman ning 'isa nga pruyiktu nga tūbi'.That upon which an agreement was made by us, if [it] will be approved, this is the time that we would allow a water project to be constructed.syn'imaw 'ini, 'imaw 'itun'imaw 'ini1cf'imaw 'ini1'imaw2 diri nga lugarloc nthis placeDiri nga lugar hay mabāhu' ning patay nga 'ambu'.This place has the bad smell of a dead rat.yāri diri (yāri)Someone or something is here.

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