'alīhidnthe edge of an object, as a road; the dry edge of a beach; the margin of an areaKung nagapamutut ka, didtu ka magsaybuk sa 'alīhid nang pilāpil nga 'igwa ning būhu'.When you gather pond-field shrimp, you scoop [them] up there at the edge of a pond-field dike which has holes.'Ang 'iba naman hay nagapamasyar sa 'alīhid nang baybay pāra nga 'ang 'inda huna'hūna' hay mapakadtu naman sa 'iba nga bāgay nga 'inda nakikīta' sa dāgat.Some people roam around the dry edge of the beach so that their thoughts will really go to other things which are able to be seen by them in the ocean.'Ini nga magtūna' ning 'inūyan matanum 'aku ning gābi sa 'alīhid nang bayay didtu sa may tūbi'.This time when it begins to rain continuously I will plant taro at the margin of the house there where there is water (i.e., near a water faucet).cfbanda1 baybay bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'kakantukantūhankantukantukantukantupīliwpīliwpīliwpīliwpīliwpinakamalapittākastūnga'tūnga'tūnga'tūnga'tunga' tunga' tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'

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