'atūbangvSomeone or something faces someone or something else.'atubāngannthe front of a person, thingSa manga nabati'an ni Tasya waya' siya nagsabat; nagatāngis siya sa 'atubāngan nang 'iya tatay.Regarding what Tacia heard, she did not answer; she was crying at the front of her father.'inatūbangPagka'āga, pagkatāpus ninda pamāhaw, 'inatūbang naman siya liwat nang 'iya tatay.In the morning, upon their completion of breakfast, she was again faced by her father.'inatubanganagf recip vTwo or more face each other.ma'atūbangGustu nga ma'atūbang nang 'iya tātay kag nanay 'ang nubyu ni Rūsa.Her father and mother want that the boyfriend of Rosa will be able to be faced [by them].mangatūbang'Ayaw magkalibugi 'ina' kay 'aku 'ang mangatūbang nyan kay Nīlu kung sya kumari.Do not be worried about that because I will be the one who will continually face Nilo now if he will come.nag'atūbangvar'umatūbangTinawag siya kag pinapungku' sa bangku' kag 'umatūbang sa 'iya 'ang 'iya tatay.She was called and caused to sit down on the chair and her father faced her.nag'inatubanganvSomeone or something is faced by someone or something else.Pag'abut ninda sa 'inda bayay, binātun da sinda, pinasāka', kag nag'inatubangan sinda.Upon arriving at their house, they were accepted, invited to come up, and they faced each other.naga'atūbangNakīta' niya nga si 'Īna hay nagatāngis nga nagadūhung kag naga'atūbang sa 'ispīhu.[It] was seen by him that Ena was crying in which [she] was bowing [her] head and was facing the mirror.pa'atūbangcaus vSomeone or something is allowed by someone to face someone or something else.pa'atubāngunLinīsu' ninda 'ang barūtu kag pa'atubāngun 'ang prūwa patakas.The boat was turned around by them and the prow was allowed to face in the direction of the water's edge.pag'atūbanggersomeone's or something's facing someone or something elseHay nahuya' 'aku kay 'ūna pa lang nākun nga pag'atūbang sa miyur.I was shy because it was the first time of my facing the mayor.

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