-um-agfinfixSomeone or something did something.Nagakiwit 'ang kusīna, ngāni' bumu'uy 'aku ning kāhuy kag 'ākun ging'ispiki.The kitchen was leaning, so I got a piece of wood and I straightened it.Kung 'umabut naman 'ang bapur 'adlaw nang Duminggu, makubra naman 'ang 'āmun hinurnalan 'adlaw naman nang Martis hasta Myirkulis.If the boat arrives on a Sunday, our laborer's wages would be able to be received only on a Tuesday or Wednesday.Kumadtu 'aku didtu sa likud nang kusīna kag yadtu gali' sina Rūki nga naga'inum ning tuba'.I went to the back of the kitchen and Roque and companions were there drinking coconut wine.cfka-1ka-1ma-1 ma-1 ma-1 ma-1 mag- mag- mag- mag- magka- magka- magka- maka-4maka-4nag- nag- nag- nag- nag- naga- naga- naga- naga- naka-2 naka-2 neut agfinfixSomeone or something does something.-um- occurs in positive statements without indicating tense. Following a conjunction:Nagagrābi 'ānay 'ang 'īmu hāyup nga ginapabuyung bāgu sinda 'umabut.Your domestic animals which are allowed [by you] to be medically treated become serious before they (i.e., herbalists) come.Kalulū'uy 'aku kay 'aku na lang 'ini nga 'isa kung 'umasāwa ka nga dā'an.I am to be pitied because I will be alone if you marry now.imper agfinfixSomeone or something must or should do something!Bumu'uy ning limpyu nga pinggan kag kutsāra kag bu'akun 'ang 'itlug.Get a clean plate and tablespoon and break open the egg.Nagkanta si Marya, "Kasīli, lumuwas ka! Kasīli, lumuwas ka!" Ginhinapūhap niya 'ang kasīli nang nagakanta siya.Mary sang, "Eel you come out! Eel you come out!" The eel was softly touched all over by her while she sang.Tuparun mu lang 'ang 'ātun napagkasundū'an nga lumīgad lang 'ang 'isa ka būlan nga waya' mu 'aku ginatanduga.What was able to be agreed on by us should be fulfilled by you, that just one month should pass by in which I will not have had anything done [to me] by you.cfma-1 mag- magka- nag- naga- naka-2

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