paN-11varpaN-6panga-2vb dervprefDerives a verb from an adjective, noun or another verb.bayaybayay houses, pangbayaybayay go from house to house; buhi' alive, pangabuhi' two people live together; kīta' find, see, pangīta' look for; lūyag loves, pangalūyag courts; putut pond-field shrimp, pamutut gathers pond-field shrimp; sāka' someone climbs, panaka' a coconut-wine gatherer climbs coconut trees; sumsūman a food delicacy, panumsuman people eat a food delicacy; 'asāwa spouse or marry, pangasawa or pangasāwa court, 'īwag artificial light, pangīwag gathers aquatic invertebrates with an artificial light. In many cases the root form has not been found to currently occur; a few examples follow: panalig imitates someone; panamkun experiences pregnancy cravings; panā'ug comes down or goes down; panhuk rubs something in or on something else; panihuy whistles; pani'id watches or observes; panuktuk knocks on something; pangabay entreats; pangakat challenges; pangāku' promises; pangayu' asks for; pangutāna asks a questiongerprefsomeone's or something's doing somethingA minor use of paN-: dāgat ocean, panāgat ocean fishing; hugas washes, panghūgas washing many things; kāwat steal, pangāwat stealing; nalūyag likes, pangalūyag courting; 'iwag artificial light, pangīwag gathering aquatic invertebrates with an artificial light.Nabubūhi' kami sa panāgat kag sa ma'isut ku nga tindāhan.We were able to live by [means of] ocean fishing and by [means of] my small store.synpag-2 cfkaCV-2naga- pagka-

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