'unuintg pro-vWhat does someone do; what does someone do to or with someone else or something?'unhun'Unhun mu 'ang kāyu' nga tūga, Plurintīna?What will be done with the toga by you, Florentina?gina'unuGina'unu mu 'itun, manang Lulit?What is being done to this by you, Older sister Lolit?Gina'unu mu pagbūhu' 'ang sayud?What is being done by you to make holes in the coconut-wine collecting container?ka'unu4Something has an adverse effect on a person, thing.kanin'u2Whose possession is someone or something?cf'ābir sin'u2ka1 kasan'u3When did an event occur?synsan'u kung 'unu2rel pro-vwhat someone doescfkung pa'unhun'ubsirbakung naga'unu, kung ga'unu'Ilam kung ga'unu 'adtu sinda didtu sa kalatī'an.I do not know what those ones are doing there in the forest.cfkung pa'unu1 mag'unuvWhat is done to or with someone or something by someone else?Mag'unu gid kita kung 'indi' sinda kasakay?What should we possibly do if they cannot ride?magka'unu'ūnu2regardless of the circumstances, even thoughcf'ābir 'ābir bīsan maskin na'unu2What is the situation?nag'inūnuNag'inūnu ka diri nga waya' ka pa katāpus?What were you doing here since you were not yet finished?nag'unuNag'unu ka gali' Dyīni sa Bati'ānu'?What did you do, Jennie, in Batiano?naga'unuFollowing the negative waya', this pro-verb with the negative has the meaning 'does not do anything.'Naga'unu kamu diri?What are you doing here?Hambay nāmun, waya' 'ina' siya ga'unu.We said, that one did not do anything.pa'unu2How is it possible?cf'agi'agi'agi'agiginapa'āgi'ikspiryinsyakaranasan1karanasan2karanasan2karanasan2karanasan2natilawanna'ubsirbahantilawtilawtilawtilaw'ubsirbasan'u, sa'unuWhen will an event occur?sin'u2Who is the person involved in an event or in a particular state?cfkung kanin'u

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