kilāyaadjSomeone is well known.'Ang 'iba naman ginasunud 'ang ngāyan sa kalindaryu, 'u manga ngāyan nang manga santu kag manga kilāya nga tāwu.Some get the names from the calendar (i.e., months), [in naming their children] or the names of saints and well-known people.'Ang kilāya gid nga ma'āyu nga maghuman ning lāwas nang traysikul hay si Saryu.As for the one who is very well known to be good in making bodies of motorized pedicabs, [he] is Sario.cfmalakas malakas vSomeone knows, finds out, or recognizes someone or something or that an event occurs or a state exists; someone knows about something.ginakilayaGinakilaya ku si Pirla nga siya 'ang 'ākun nanay.[It] is acknowledged by me that Perla is my mother.ginapakilāya'Ini hay ginapakilāya ku sa 'indu 'ang 'ātun bisīta nga halin sa Kanadyan 'Imbasi.As for this one, our visitor who came from the Canadian Embassy, [he] is being introduced to you by'ipakilāyav[It] is acknowledged by someone that a particular action occurs or state exists.'Ang sabat ku sa 'ākun manga 'unga', "Hū'u, bāsi' nga 'indi'? Gustu ku gāni' nga ma'ipakilāya ku sa 'inda 'ang 'asāwa ku."My answer to my children was, "Yes, why not? I want that my husband will be introduced to them by me."makakilāyavSomeone or something is known or recognized is acknowledged by someone; [it] is known by someone that a particular action occurs or a state exists.Pagkatāpus nāmun ning kā'un, hambay nang 'adtung tindīra hay waya' kunu siya makakilāya kung sa di'in kunu 'ang lūlu.After our eating, the thing said by the storekeeper was that she is not able to find out, she said, where the grandfather is."Knowing" or "recognizing" someone or something is an unintentional act. The verb is therefore inflected for abilitative mode (able to be known, etc.). Glosses generally omit 'able to' since this meaning is implied in the verb meaning.makikilāyaMakikilāya mu nga kapinan kung mayad ka na gida magsiru' ning klāsi nang sīhi'.[They] will be consistently recognized by you as kapinan mollusks if you are really clever in recognizing different kinds of mollusks.makilāya, kilāya'Indi' ninda makilāya nga 'imaw 'adtu 'ang 'asāwa ku.[It] is not known by them that that one is my wife.'Ang 'iya balayan hay 'igwa ning manga buhu'buhu' nga ma'intik; gāni' makilāya nga kapinan.As for its shell covering, [it] has small holes; that's how it is recognized that [it is] a kapinan shell.Dāpat nga makilāya nang 'ākun manga partīdus 'ang 'ikaduha ku nga 'asāwa.It should be that my second husband will be known about by my relatives.Kilāya mu nga nagaluwas sa būhu' 'ang 'amumu'pu' kay ginabirabīra niya 'ang 'udyung nga 'igway pa'un.[It] will be known by you that a small octopus is coming out of [its] hole because it is pulling the baited spear head back and forth.nagapakilāyaKung 'ang 'itlug hay naglākut 'ang langitlangit sa dawadawa kag 'igwa ning mapuya nga parīhu ning dugu', nagapakilāya kunu nga 'ang sakit hay grābi.If, as for an egg, the white of the egg is mixed with the yoke, and if there is a reddish [substance] which is like blood, they say it shows that as for the sickness, [it] is serious.nagpakilāyaPagkahāpun nagpakilāya sa 'ākun; 'imaw 'ina' si Tāta mu Binung.In the afternoon [he] was introduced to me; that one was your Uncle Benong.nakilāyaSiling ku sa 'iya, "'Ay taya! Kasan'u mu lang 'aku nakilāya? Mangasāwa ka na sa 'ākun?"I said to him, "My goodness! How long have I been known by you? You want to court me?"pagpakilāya1gersomeone's demonstration, showing, introduction of someone else or somethingNiyan, hay pamatī'an nātun 'ang 'ātun sikritarya sa 'iya pagpakilāya nang 'ātun halangdun nga bisīta.Now, our secretary should be listened to by us in her introduction of our beloved visitor.2vSomething is demonstrated or shown to someone by someone else; someone is introduced to someone by someone else.pakilāyavSomeone or something demonstrates or shows that a particular event happens or a state exists; someone introduces herself, himself or someone else to someone.

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