'ābiinjPlease do something.Used in command or request sentences, sentences expressing a wish.Butangi 'ābi, Papa, ning sūka' 'ina' 'ang 'ākun pinangat nga ginalūtu'.Father, please put vinegar on my fish dish that is being cooked.syn'ānay2advSomething certainly or hopefully happens or happens with hopeful expectations; a state certainly or hopefully exists.Hay 'adtung manga tāwu nga nagpangkara' sa baylīhan na'ingganyu da sinda nga magtībul kay barātu 'ābi.Those many people who went to the dance were encouraged to sit at tables because they were certainly cheap.Dinaya 'ābi 'aku sa tigyaki.I was brought with hopeful expectations to the relatives of the groom.cf'ara'bāsi' kungkabaykabay pakabay pakunta'2kunta'2sigūrusigūrusigūru'ugālingparīhu 'ābi (parīhu 2)such as, like, for example

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