yāra'loc adjSomeone or something is there, away from the speaker but sometimes near the hearer in place, prior reference or time.varyāra' 'ina' dira'yāra' dira'Functions as a predicate, commonly with na 'already'; that located is topic.Ginpasāyud na 'aku nga yāra' na 'ang 'ākun bisti.I had already been informed that my special attire was already there.The locative adjective yadtu 'there far' commonly refers to a position out of sight of, or at least far from, both the speaker and hearer. Yāra' sometimes refers to a position near the hearer but not the speaker; however, it commonly refers to any position not near the speaker. Yāri designates a position near the speaker.indef pronThere are some which, who do something or are in a particular state.Yāra' or yāra' dira' occurs most commonly as predicate of a sentence; dira' occurs most commonly in the place margin of a sentence.'Ang sundālu diri sa banwa nagapanturagtūrag na kag ginsug'an 'ang wayrlis nga yāra' dira' sa bakūyud.The soldiers here in town were already all extensively roaming around and the relay station that was there on the mountain was burned.Kung nagapamutut ka, didtu ka magsaybuk nang 'īmu pananduk sa 'alīhid nang pilāpil nga 'igwa ning būhu', kay yāra' 'ina' dira' nagatinir 'ang putut.When you gather pond-field shrimp, you scoop them up with your scoop there at the edge of a pond-field dike which has holes, because there is where pond-field shrimp stay.Kadāmu' pa gid 'ang nahuhuman sa batu nga marmul; yāra' 'ang ginabutangan nang 'upus nang sigarilyu, ginabutangan ning būyak, ginagāmit sa paglaminit.There are certainly still many things able to be made from marble stone; some are cigarette butt containers (i.e., ash trays), flower vases, [and some] are used for laminating.may yāra' (may 1b)There are some people or things.

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