- anvarpaga-anlocfsufA person, place or thing will be the location of an action performed by someone.The range of meaning of this locative focus affix includes what is generally called beneficiary focus.Pwīdi na taw'an mu si Birtu ning tināpay.It is appropriate that Berto will be given some bread by you.San'u ku baya matāpus 'ang 'ākun hugasan?When, I wonder, will the [utensils] that will be washed by me be able to be finished?Bakyan ku kamu ning bāru' kag sapātus.You will have a dress and shoes bought for [you] by me.Kung mag'ugduk ning halīgi sa bag'u nga bayay dāpat padagā'an 'ānay.When erecting the foundation posts for a new house, first [the house] should be allowed to have a blood-letting ceremony performed for [it].cfgina-an gina-an gina-i gina-i giN-an -i -in-an1 -in-an4ka-an1na-anna-anpag-an pag-i recipsufTwo or more do something to or with each other.Marks a verb for reciprocal action or state. Stem 'inum with agent focus verb prefix mag- plus length and reciprocal suffix -an.'Ūras nang kasay, 'inanunsyu nang hāri' sa tanan nga 'ang 'iya pagataw'an nang 'iya kurūna hay waya' ning 'iba kundi' si Prinsipi 'Adūnis.During the wedding ceremony, [it] was announced by the king to everyone that the one who would be given his crown by him would be no other than prince Adonis.'Ang 'iya hambay sa magūyang, "Lūlu, ma'āyu baya mag'inūman 'ānay kita, 'agud malīpay 'ang 'ātun pag'inisturyāhan."He said to the old man, "Grandfather, maybe it is good that we drink with each other first, so that our telling stories to each other will be delightful."syn-in-an4cfgina-an giN-an -i -in-an4pag-an

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