nang1poss com n detthe action, person, situation or thing of the action, person, situation or thing posessing her, him or itButangan ning krus nga 'ūling 'ang 'agtang kag 'ang pulsu nang may sakit.The forehead and wrists of the sick person have a charcoal cross [mark] put onto [them].cfni gen com n detSomething is done by a person or thing.Signals a common noun in the genitive case, commonly the agent of the verb action; the topic is an action undergoer.Nababāsa ku 'ang tanan na ginatudlu' nang ma'istra.All that was pointed out [for me to read] by the teacher was surely able to be read by me.ref com n detA common noun determiner indicating the relationship between a verb, infinitive or gerund and a referent substantive with undergoer role.With causative verbs, this genitive determiner signals a causal agent (i.e., one who causes the action); the topic of the action is an agent (i.e., the one who performs the action).Nagsaylu kami sa Lūsud kay sa 'Īpil hay pinahalin na kami nang tag'īya, kay ma'ugduk sinda ning kāting masyin sa marbul.We transferred to Lusod because we were sent away from Ipil by the owner because they were going to build a marble factory for marble.ref com n detA co-occurring verb is inflected with a nag-class affix for agent role focus.Nang 'ulīhi na, midyu ginahadlukhadlūkan pa 'aku kay primīru pa lang, hay nag'istādi 'aku nang liksyun.Later, I was somewhat afraid because that was still the beginning [of classes, so] I studied the lesson.'Aku hay 'ibagsak, kay waya' kunu 'aku nagatūman nang manga sūgu'.I will be dropped [from the class] because they say I did not follow the instructions.Waya' na lang 'aku nagpīlit na 'aku mismu 'ang mabu'uy nang pasapurti ku.I did not insist that I would be the one who would get the passport of mine.ref com n detThe substantive marked with nang is preceded by an infinitive.'Ilībud mu 'ini sa kāda tindāhan nga gustu magbakay nang nītib nga 'itlug nang manuk.Peddle these in every store that likes to buy local chicken eggs.ref com n detThe noun marked with nang follows a gerund.'Imaw nang 'imaw 'ang ginahuman kung pa'unu 'ang pagpī'ut nang lūgit sa kustal.The operation is repeated over and over about the putting of copra into a sack.cfning nang2varnang 'ari1advwhen an action occurs or a state existsNang 'aku, hay hurnal na, nagapaningūha' naman 'aku sa pagbakaybākay ning manga dulsi kag magtyutyinda naman 'aku.When, as for me, [I] was already a laborer, I was always trying hard to buy candies little by little and trying to sell them commercially.Nang 'aring bag'u pa lang nākun siya nga nakīta', hay nagahuya'hūya'.When she was first seen by me, she was a little bit shy.2prepafter or upon something's happeningNang pagkatāpus kasay ni Lawra, nagpamuhun na 'aku nga mabālik 'aku sa Rumblun.Upon the completion of Laura's wedding ceremony, I asked permission then that I could go back to Romblon.cfning

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