ngūyabna scolding given to someoneNakatilaw siya ning ngūyab sa 'iya nanay kay waya' sinda huyata.She experienced a scolding from her mother because they were not waited for [by her].vSomeone scolds someone else.ginapangnguyābanKung waya' syay suya' ginapangnguyāban nya 'ang 'iya ka'unga'an hasta 'asāwa.If he has no side dish, his children are thoroughly scolded by him [and] also his wife.kangungūyabvSomeone is scolded by someone else.Nang nasayūran nang 'ākun 'asāwa, 'aba gid nga kangungūyab sa 'ākun kay 'aku kunu hay masyādu nga kasugaruy!So, when my husband knew this, oh my, [he] really scolded me because, he said, I was a habitual gambler!nginuyābanHay pagka'āga, maduyum pa; hay yāra' na si tātay sa bayay nginuyāban si Dyīgu.Early in the morning, it was still dark; father was already there at the house; Diego was scolded [by him].nguyābanKung masayūran ni Mamay nga 'īmu pina'ūtang si 'Ana ning kwarta, nguyāban gid kita.If [it] will be able to be known by Mother that Ana is allowed by you to owe money, we will be scolded.

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