pag-2gerprefsomeone's or something's doing somethingFollows the determiner 'ang.'Ang maguyang ni Rūsa, hay sa 'ātun pudir natabu' 'ang pag'asāwa niya.As for the older sister of Rosa, her marrying took place under our authority.Kung 'indi' mabasyahan ning tūbi' nga ma'īnit 'ang kuray hay kahuga' 'ang paglimpyu.If you do not pour hot water over [them], as for land crabs, the cleaning [of them] is difficult.synpaN-11 cfbyu- byu- kaCV-2kaCV-2kaCV-2naga- naga- naga- pag-2 pagka- pagka- paN-4paN-4paN-4gerprefThis gerund follows the determiner ning.San'u ka matūna' ning pagpāsa ning tuba' sa 'ākun?When will you begin passing the coconut wine to me?gerprefThis gerund follows sa.Waya' 'aku kapamāhaw kay midyu nahabut sa pagbāti'.I had not been able to eat breakfast because I was somewhat late in waking up.ti gerprefafter or upon someone's or something's doing somethingThis gerund prefix occurs on causative verbs.Ginpāra 'ang pagpakadtu ning tāwu sa 'iskwilahan pāra 'indi' madisturbu 'ang mīting.The allowing of people to go to school stopped so that the meeting would not be disturbed.Pag'andar nang trak lumi'li' liwat siya sa bintāna'.Upon the truck's moving, she carefully looked again out of the window.Pagkabati' nang 'āmun 'inirgūhan hay humalin si Lusit sa 'iya pagkā'un kay nahāngit siya.After hearing our conversation, Lucit left [her] eating because she was angry.synpaN-4cfkaCV-2naga- pag-2 pagka- paN-4

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