-in-4varni-3dur affsufIndicates that the action of a verb is always, continuously or regularly done, or keeps on being done.This affix is accompanied by length on verb roots which are otherwise without length. It occurs on verbs, infinitives and gerunds.'Ini 'ang 'uning hay may 'anītu nga kung 'īmu kunu 'ini digūsun 'ang 'uning kag ngitlan hay magapanglinti' kag maga'inūyan.As for cats there is a taboo belief in which if you bathe a cat and laugh at it, [it] will lightning and will continuously rain.Bāsi' nagnilūpuk na didtu sa Parayan?Why was it that [an explosive device] kept on exploding there in Parayan?May yāra' nga nagapanamkun nga ginahagkut kāda hāpun, kag maskin 'āga pa hay gustu na magkinatūyug.There are some who have pregnancy cravings who feel cold every afternoon, and even though it is already morning [they] like to continually sleep.dur affsufPinang- consists of pang- plus -in-.'Imaw 'ina' 'ang dyunyur; gāni' hay 'imaw 'ang nagmāna sa pagpinangli'li'.That one is the junior [of father and son, so] he is the one who inherited [the habit of his father of] always investigating [things].Nagahinīpus lang 'ina' si Suylu kag magpinamāti' sa 'iya tatay.Zoilo just always keeps silent and always listens to his father.cfCV- D paN-2

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