kāyusvCoconut meat is grated by someone.cfginaraskakayūsan, kayūsunKung lūtu' na 'ang mayagkit kayūsun 'ang duha ka bu'uk nga niyug.When the sticky rice is already cooked grate two pieces of coconut [fruit].cfraskakināyus, niyug nga kināyusngrated coconut meatKung natumuk na 'ang 'uyang kag 'ang manga lakut 'ihālu' mu na 'ang 'īmu niyug nga kināyus sa 'uyang nga 'īmu hinālu' sa lusung.When the brook shrimp and the [other] ingredients have already been crushed, then your grated coconut should be mixed by you into the shrimp which has been mixed by you in a mortar.Coconut meat lūgit of a fully-mature coconut lanus or a very mature coconut la'ay is grated with a coconut grater kyakuran. It is eaten as a side dish when nothing else is available or fed to animals such as chickens, dogs and pigs. It is made into a coconut sweet, bukāyu', or sometimes mixed with sugar as a coating on boiled yautia bundu'. It is a food flavoring for several salsa dishes sarsa.

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