byūda, byūduna widow or widowerMay yāra' naman nga byūda nga 'ang gina'asāwa liwat hay lyāki nga buyag sa 'asāwa.There are some widows who take men who are separated [from their wives] as their husbands.'Ang dalāga nga nagakanta sa 'abūhan mintras siya nagalūtu' hay makaka'asāwa ning byūdu.A young lady who sings at the cooking place while she is cooking will surely happen to take a widower as a spouse.byūda nga babāyina widowMay yāra' nga byūda nga babāyi nga 'ang na'a'asāwa liwat hay sultīru nga may 'idad na.There are some widow women in which, as for those who were consistently able to be married a second time [by them, they] were unmarried middle-aged men.byūdu nga lyāki1na widowerKung 'ang byūdu nga lyāki hay 'ang 'iya na'asāwa liwat hay dalāga, 'ini hay 'ubligādu gid siya nga magpangasawa.If a widower is able to take a young lady as a spouse a second time, he is obliged to court [her].23, Social Relationships

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