gina-anlocf affA person, place or thing is or was commonly, habitually or normally the location of an action performed by someone.The range of meaning of this locative focus affix includes what is generally called beneficiary focus.Kung 'indi' mu makāya 'ang pagpanāka' ning niyug; ginasuhūyan 'ang nagapanaka'.If you are not able to cope with climbing the coconut palms, the one who climbs is paid.'Ini nga sīhi' 'ang 'iya ginakapūtan hay 'ang batu nga kadyānu' kag 'igwa ning manga lūmut.As for this haliatis lamillosa mollusk, that onto which it commonly sticks is a smooth stone and which has moss on [it].Ginanginitlan kita nang manga babāyi.We are being habitually laughed at by the women.Ginakutkutan ku si Marya ning balinghuy.Maria is having cassava dug out for [her] by an - an - an gina-i gina-i giN-an giN-an -i -i -in-an1 -in-an4-in-an4ka-an1mama-an ma-ina-anna-anna-anpag-an pag-an pag-i neg acf affSomeone or something is not an accessory to an action by someone else.The range of meaning of this accessory focus prefix includes what is generally called instrumental focus.cfgiN- giN-an giN-an pag'i-pag'i-

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