babavSomeone or something is carried on the back by someone else.genkargahanbabahunGinapī'ut sa kustal tagsatagsa kag babahun pakadtu sa tapāhan.[Coconuts] are put into a sack one by one and will be carried on the back going to the smoking rack.ginababaGinababa lang gāni' kunu 'aku 'ina' kay 'ang 'ākun nanay namatay.They say that I was carried on the back [by someone else] because my mother had died.pagbabagersomeone's carrying something on the backGinasuhūyan sa pagbaba 'ang lūgit kay waya' pa 'adtu ning trak nang 'ūna.Copra was paid for by carrying [it] on the back because there were no trucks before.

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