kunta'2advPossibly or probably, undoubtedly a particular state or action will occur if another condition or action precedes it; hopefully a particular state or action will occur.Nakapamāti' kunta' kita ning mīting kahāpun kung waya' mag'uyan.Probably we would have been able to listen to the meeting yesterday if it had not rained.'Ang sa 'ākun lang 'adtu huna'hūna' hay magbālik kunta' sina Lībi.That which is in my thoughts is that hopefully Levi and companions will return.cf'ābi 'ābi 'ara'bāsi' kabaykabay pasigūrusigūrusigūru'ugālingdapat kunta'it would have been appropriate, desirable, or rightkung kunta' (kung 1a)if only something had existed or happened

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