naga-agfprefSomeone or something is doing or commonly, habitually or normally does something.Indicates a universal or habitual action associated with a potential substantive with agent focus.'Ang 'ākun pilit'an ning putut nagahīmu' 'ānay 'aku ning libunlībun nga dāhun nang buli.As a container for me to put small rice field shrimp I am making a small basket of buri leaves.Nagahitsūra sinda ning 'ati'āti kay 'ina' hay 'imaw 'ina' 'ang 'inda pinangakū'an nga dibusyun.They look like made-up Negrito-like people because as for them that is the solemn devotion that was promised by them [to the Holy Infant].Kung nagatapwak 'adtu 'ang humbak, hay nagatapwak sa 'āmun hitsūra.When the waves splash, [they] splash onto our faces.Kung 'ang 'asu hay midyu naga'īsut na 'ang bunut hay naga'ugdaw na.When the smoke becomes somewhat little, the coconut husks are already becoming burned up.cfbyu- ka-1ka-1kaCV-2kaCV-2kaCV-2ma-1 ma-1 ma-1 ma-1 mag- mag- mag- mag- magka- magka- magka- magka- maka-1nag- nag- nag- nag- naka-2 naka-2 naka-2 pag-2 pag-2 pag-2 pagka- pagka- paN-11 paN-4paN-4-um- -um- -um- -um- agfprefIndicates a continuous action, subsequent to another action or state, associated with a potential substantive with agent focus.Matībay 'ining 'ākun bayay, gāni' waya' pa da nagahūbug.My house was strong, therefore [it] was not yet swaying.gerprefsomeone's or something's doing somethingThis prefix inflects causative verbs.Ang tūba' hay nagapa'āyu ning lāwas.As for coconut wine, it causes the body to become healthy.Dāmu' na nang nagapatahi' sa 'ākun kay nakabātun gid 'akuy diplūma, sa drismīking.There are many now who let [things] be sewn by me because I was able to receive a diploma in dressmaking.cfma-1 mag- maka-4nag- -um- gerprefFollowing the determiner 'ang this prefix sometimes functions as a gerund.Kahuga' 'ang nagapamutut kay kadūgay ka makatīpun ning daku' sa 'īmu pilit'an.Gathering pond-field shrimp is difficult because it takes a long time for you to gather many in your container.cfkaCV-2pag-2 pagka- paN-4

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