'īnitvSomeone or something is warmed or heated with a fire or hot water.'īnit 'ang 'ūyuvar'īnit sa 'ūyuvSomeone becomes angry.(lit: Someone's head becomes hot.)cf'aburīdu'aburīduhāngithāngitkahāngitna'aburīdupa'ugūtan'ugut 'ugut gina'inītan'Ang paglimpyu nang putut, hay gina'inītan ning tūbi' kag basyahan pāra magkamātay.In the cleaning of small shrimp, [they] are heated with [hot] water and [they] have [it] poured on [them] so that [they] all die.ka'īnitnheat of fire or hot waterSa pag'ugsung mu lang ning bunut kadanggadangga sa 'īmu lāwas 'ang ka'īnit kay pwirsādu 'ang bāga sa 'idāyum nang tapāhan.In your feeding of coconut husks the heat is very intense on your body because there are so many live coals under the smoking rack.ka'īnit, ma'īnitadjAn object is hot or warm; it is hot or warm in a particular location.'Indi' 'aku matuyūgan kay ka'īnit sa kwartu.I will be unable to sleep because [it is] hot in the room.Kung 'indi' mabasyahan ning tūbi' nga ma'īnit 'ang kuray hay kahuga' 'ang paglimpyu.If they do not have hot water poured over [them], as for land crabs, the cleaning is difficult.Kung ma'īnit na 'ang kaldīru butangan ning mantīka nga tāma' lang kadaku'.When the cooking pot is already hot, put in a moderate amount of oil.ka'init'īnitint adjAn object is very hot; [it is ] very hot in a particular location.Ka'init'īnit 'ang kapi waya' 'inuma ni Nurma.The coffee was very hot [so] Norma did not drink it.ma'inītanvSomething becomes hot or warm; it becomes warm or hot in a given location.nag'īnit became hot or warmKung nagabūnuk na 'ang 'uyan nagadābuk 'ang Mangyan ning kadaku' nga kalāyu kag sumāka' sinda sa langkāpi para ma'inītan sinda.If the rain falls heavily, the Mangyan build a large flaming fire [under a bamboo table] and they climb up on the bamboo table in order that they will be warmed.mag'īnit 'ang 'ūyuGinpabati'bati' si Nansi ning manga malā'in nga manga hambayānun hasta nga mag'īnit 'ang 'iya 'ūyu.Nancy was allowed to overhear those bad words until she became angry.mag'init'initinfto become gradually warm'Ang gamut hay ginala'ga' kag 'ang dāhun, hay ginalā'ub pāra mag'init'init pagkatāpus 'ibanyus sa tiyan.The roots are boiled and as for the leaves, [they] are slowly heated in order to become gradually warm; afterwards [they] should be applied [by rubbing] onto the stomach.nagpa'īnit sa 'ūyu'Ang malā'in nga hambay ni Lāri 'ang nagpa'īnit sa 'ūyu ni Tumas.The bad things that Larry said was what provoked Tomas to anger.cf'aburīduhāngit'ugut pa'īnitcaus vSomething is allowed by someone to become warm or hot.pa'īnit 'ang 'ūyuvarpa'īnit sa 'ūyucaus vSomething done or said provokes someone to anger.pa'inītunKung 'alistu na 'ang kalāyu, 'ibutang 'ang kaldīru sa sig'ang kag pa'inītun.When the fire is ready, the cooking pot will be placed onto the fire stand and will be allowed to become hot.

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