pānignthe page of a book; a sheet of paper, an object classified as a thin piece; a leaf section'Ang paglīkid, hay ginatūna' sa ma'intik nga pānig pakadtu sa malāpad.As for the cylindrical rolling, it is begun with the narrow [buri] leaf sections going to the wide [sections].Two leaf sections remain when removing the leaf mid-rib kugung.cfbilug1bīlug1 bu'uk bu'uk pidāsu pidāsu meas neleven or more pages of a book, sheets of paper, objects classified as thin pieces, leaf sectionspanigmeas na nonspecific or specific number of pages, sheets, thin pieces, leaf sections, commonly one through ten, uncommonly eleven and aboveThe number is followed the number ligature ka.'Ang 'ākun baru' nga daya pakari sa Manīla', hay duha lang ka panig.As for my clothes which I bring to Manila, [they] are only two pieces.Tapus bumu'uy ka na ning 'isa ka panig kag 'idasuk mu didtu sa banganan.Then you get one [buri] leaf section and insert it into the buri stripper.cfbīlug1 bu'uk pidāsu

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