'ugud2vSomeone works on a particular project.'inugdan2Pa Tablas naman ngāni' 'aku masiru' naman 'aku didtu nang 'ākun dūta' nga 'āmun gid 'adtu 'inugdan.I will surely [go] again to Tablas to inspect that land of mine which was worked on by us.mag'ugudvSomething is worked on by someone.'Ābir mahuga' 'ang nagaduta' hay sīgi lang, kay kung 'indi' kita mag'ugud sa dūta' waya' kita ning kwarta nga 'ikakabakay kung 'igwa kita ning gustu nga bakyun.Even though farming is hard work [we] just keep on, because if we do not work on the land we do not have money which can be used to frequently buy [things] if there are things we want to buy.

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