bastasubord conjAn event occurs or a state exists if, provided that, so long as another event occurs or state exists.Introduces a conditional clause.'Ang manga 'unga' nga naga'iskwīla, basta naga'uyan, 'igwa gid 'ini sinda ning daya nga pāyung.As for children who go to school, if it is raining they certainly have umbrellas that are carried.Kung 'ini 'ang 'īmu 'uma hay tāpus mu na ning duyuk, pwīdi mu na nga tamnan basta nakikīta' mu nga nagatūna' na ning 'uyan'ūyan.If this upland field of yours is finished being cleared by you, it can be planted by you provided that it was able to be seen by you that intermittent rain is beginning.Hū'u! Mapatūnud 'aku basta 'indi' ku lang siya ma'asāwa.Yes! [I am willing that] I will be caused to be cast [into the deep sea] so long as he will not be able to be married by me.synkung kunta' cfkungkung kunta' pwīra kungsubord conjAt a time when something happens or a state exists, something else happens or another state exists.Basta ma'āyu 'ang tyimpu magahākut kitay rūbuls kāda Duminggu kung 'indi' lang mag'uyan.When the time is good we transport chunks of unsawed marble every Sunday if it just does not rain.synkungadvEven though a particular event occurs or a state exists, nevertheless another event occurs or state exists.Bīsan ya' sala' 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga', basta ginapakatūyug ku kay kung 'indi' magkatuyug, 'a! Ginapangbunāyan ku 'ina'.Even though my children have no fault, nevertheless they are allowed to sleep by me because if [they] do not sleep, oh! They are all whipped by me.prepA statement is valid except for a thing, person, a particular activity or situation.'Ang patakaran ninda wayay byubaligya' litsun basta 'ang litsun yāra' sa 'inda kantin.Their regulation [was] no roast pork being sold except for roast pork there in their canteen.subord conjA statement is valid even though another activity or situation exists.Si Badu hay pirpik gida, basta Mangyan; talagang pinakaprupisur na siya.Badu is really an expert [herbalist], even though [he is] a Mangyan; surely he is already a specialist.cfpwīrasubord conjbastabastaadjan ordinary person or thingNabati'an nātun sa 'ātun bisīta nga 'ina' gali' siya, hay bukun bastabasta nga tāwu.[It] was heard by us about our visitor that, as for him, [he] is not an ordinary person.

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