ningvar-ngref com n detA common noun determiner indicating the relationship between a verb, infinitive, gerund or adjective and a referent substantive with undergoer role.Words ending in a vowel followed by ning are often suffixed with the variant -ng: 'igwa ning = 'igway; 'aku ning = 'akuy; 'adtu ning = 'adtuy. A word-final glottal stop is often lost and the variant -ng is suffixed to the resultant final vowel: gāni' ning = ganiy; waya' ning = wayay.cfnang1 ref com n detA co-occurring verb is inflected with a nag-class affix for agent role focus.Nag'āyap 'aku ning binhi sa Tablas.I selected [good quality] seeds for propagation in Tablas.Nang 'ūna 'aku 'ay ma'isut pa, 'aku, nagakānam ning trumpu kag lastiku.Long ago when I was still small, as for me, [I] used to play with playing tops and rubber bands.Diri lang kamu kay mahanda' 'aku ning 'indu miryinda.Just [stay] here because I will prepare your snack.ref com n detThe noun marked with ning is preceded by an infinitive.'Ang lugar nga ki'āyu nga maghuman ning bakingkī'an, hay 'inang lugar nga pantay 'ang dūta'.As for the place which is good to make a hopscotch game, [it] is a place in which the ground is level.ref com n detA co-occurring causative verb with pa- prefix is inflected with nag-, naga- or ma- for causal agent role focus.May pasyinti sinda nga tagaAklan nga nagpagābut ning ngīpun.They had a patient from Aklan who let [her] tooth be pulled out.'Adtung 'ātun gingkasugtānan, kung 'adtu hay ma'aprubahan, diri na kita hay mapahuman ning 'isa nga pruyiktu nga tūbi'.That upon which an agreement was made by us, if [it] will be approved, this is the time that we would allow a water project to be constructed.ref com n detThe noun marked with ning is preceded by a gerund.Napabāhuy nāmun 'adtu si Pitra maskin kahuga' 'ang pagdipāra ning 'unga'.Petra was able to be brought up by us even though the caring for a child is difficult.'Ang 'īmu pagbutang ning bunut hasta magtupung sa kinutkutan.Your placing of coconut husks is little by little until they become level with the place from which [soil] was dug out.ref com n detA co-occurring verb is inflected with gin-an, gina-an or -an for location (locative) focus.Ginbakyan sinda ning 'alambri pāra humanun nga tabūnan.They had chicken wire bought for [them] so that [it] would be used for making a deep sea fish trap.Kung nagahuman ning sarsa nga 'uyang 'ini hay ginalakūtan ning niyug nga malinghud.When making shrimp salsa it has immature coconut mixed into [it].Paday'an ku gid 'ikaw ning sūlat pāra 'ibalīta' sa 'īmu kung 'anu 'ang 'unga' nātun.You will surely be sent a letter by me to tell you about our child.Kung waya' ning sagnat 'u sakit 'ang 'unga', waya' da ginabakyi ning Pipsi.If a child has no fever or sickness, [he] does not have Pepsi bought for [him].ref com n detA co-occurring verb is inflected with gin-, gina- or 'i- for instrumental focus.'Indi' mu gāni' masakar 'ang kwarta nga 'īmu ginbakay ning pūkut.You will not get back the money which was used by you to buy the fishnet.ref com n detA co-occurring verb is inflected with gin-, gina- or -un for patient focus.Kung tagsa ka lāwug 'ang la'ay nga niyug ginatabtab ning sundang 'ang 'iya tangāya pāra waya' ning dāmu' nga pusi'pūsi' kāda bu'uk.If the very mature coconuts are each a bunch, its stem (i.e., the stem of each bunch) is cut off with a bolo so that there will not be much twisting of individual pieces.ref n detIndicates a referent relationship between a positive or negative existential and a following substantive; untranslated in English.The noun marked with ning is preceded by an adjective.Kung panahun nga may bagyu, 'ang bayay ni Lītu hay punu' ning tāwu.During the time when there is a typhoon, the house of Lito is full of people.Kung nagapanihud ka ning 'uyang hay gakadtu ka sa sapa' nga 'igwa ning manga libtunglibtung nga dāmu' 'ang batu kag 'igwa ning tūbi' nga nagapundu.When you gather brook shrimp with a colander shrimp scoop you go to a seasonal creek which has riverbed holes with many stones, and there is water which backs up.'Igwa 'aku ning 'isturya, 'ugāling lang kay 'ang nagsūlat hay sala'.I had a story, but as for the one who wrote it down [he] made a mistake.'Ang likud nang 'ini nga lūkus nga panus, hay waya' ning baguy.As for the back of this squid, [it] has no back covering.'Indi' 'aku mag'asāwa pāra waya' 'aku ning 'agwin.I will not take a spouse so that I will have no disturbance.'Igwa ning 'unga' nga 'indi' kapānaw.There is a child who is not able to walk.cfnang2 mod ligLinks an adjective and a following substantive, untranslated in English.'Ini nga sīhi' hay labutlābut ning kulur kag labutlābut da ning kurti.As for these mollusks [they have] many different colors and many different shapes.mod ligLinks a possessive pronoun and a following substantive, untranslated in English.Ang ākun ning libru hay kadāmu'.As for my books, [they] are many.'Ang 'iya 'ini ning gāway hay parīhu sa kugīta nga nagahāba'.As for its tentacles (i.e., of a chambered nautilus) [they] are like [those of] a common octopus which become long.Sīgi lang 'ang 'ākun ning hūbug sa 'ākun 'unga' hasta gid nga matuyūgan liwat.My swinging my child just continued until [he] was able to sleep again.adv ligJoins a verb, infinitive or gerund to a following adverb.Nagatrabāhu 'ang 'uning ning mabug'at pīru 'indi' magpāti 'ang 'āyam.The cat worked hard but the dog did not believe it.Gingbakay ku 'ang kūgun ning binugkus.The cogon grass was bought by me by the bundle.'Ang balayan nang 'ini nga sīhi' hay ginabakay da ning barātu lang gid kay 'ūnu trinta lang 'isa ka kustal.The shell of this mollusk is just sold very cheaply because it is just one peso and thirty centavo for one twenty-five ganta sackful.'Imaw lang 'ini 'ang 'ākun mahahambay, nga 'ining sa pag'asāwa ning pangaduha hay talagang 'iba.This is the only thing that can truly be said by me, that this getting married a second time is really different.

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