'indaposs adj prontheir person or thing; a person or thing of theirs; their doing somethingPre-noun or pre-gerund possessive pronoun. For post-noun or post-gerund possessive pronoun, see ninda 1a.Ginabutangan 'ini ninda ning panagang sa lāwas 'ang 'inda 'unga'.It was their children on whom those body charms were put by these ones.Nakikīta' ku 'ang 'inda ma'āyu nga pagsinundānan, 'insigīda, taw'an ku sinda ning kapital sa pagpangabuhi'.[When] their good living together is seen by me, immediately I will give them capital investment for [their] way of living.cfninda ninda poss cmt pronSomeone or something is theirs.Through elipsis, the word bayay is commonly omitted from the phrase sa 'inda bayay: sa 'inda translated 'in' or 'to their house'.Nakasāyud lang sinda nga si Hilda hay waya' naga'iskwīla, nang may nag'abut sa 'inda nga halin sa Manīla'.They were able to find out that as for Hilda, she was not going to school, when someone arrived at their house from Manila.cfninda gen pronSomething is done by them.Occurs in predicate position with possessed item as sentence topic.gen pronOccurs in pre-verb position as a genitive pronoun. For the pronoun following an undergoer focus verb, see ninda.'Ang 'iba naman hay nagapamasyar sa 'alīhid nang baybay pāra nga 'ang 'inda huna'hūna' hay mapakadtu naman sa 'iba nga bāgay nga 'inda nakikīta' sa dāgat.Some people roam around the dry edge of the beach so that their thoughts will really go to other things in the ocean which are able to be seen by them in the ocean.cfninda sa 'inda1qfd pronsome of them2loc pronSomeone does something for them, from them, to them; someone does something or is in a particular place or state with them.Dāpat daw 'ibalīta' sa 'inda kung 'anu 'ang 'ākun prublīma diri sa Rumblun.What my problems here in Romblon are should, it seems, be told to them.

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