CV-ver affprefA verifying affix indicating that the action of a verb or the state of an adjective clearly, easily, really, surely or truly occurs or exists.Indicates reduplication of the first consonant and vowel of a stem.Nyan yāri 'aku sa 'īmu kay gustu ku nga 'ikaw 'ang ma'a'asāwa ku.Now I am here with you because my desire is that you will really be able to become my spouse.Hay nahahadluk na kami hay nagabakwit gāni' kami 'adtu.When we were already really afraid when we were evacuating there [to that place].rep affprefAn action is consistently, frequently or repeatedly accomplished.With affixes naka-, maka- and 'ika-2, reduplication is of the affix syllable ka.'Ang 'ākun mata nagapīyung pīru 'ang 'ākun talīnga hay nakakabati' pa.As for my eyes [they] are closed but as for my ears [they] can surely still hear.cfD D D D -in-3-in-3-in-4 paN-2paN-2paN-9 rep affprefThis affix indicates successive recurrence over a period of time of a single act.Kung nabuntan na 'ang niyug ginahimuybuyan pa gid kay 'igway nabibilin nga sabuysabuy.If the coconuts are already husked, the hairy fibers are still tried to be picked off because there are fibers that happen to be frequently left.'Ang tāwu nga madali' ma'utu'utu', bīsan pantīngi' na ning bugas, 'itatangway pa niya ning tuba'.A person who becomes easily fooled, even though [the money] is for buying rice, [it] will still be used by him for repeatedly buying coconut wine.Waya' da kami ning kāya nga 'ikakabakay ning labakāra.We do not have the wherewithal which can be used to frequently buy face towels.rep affprefWith a negative, this affix indicates that the action of a verb does not happen at all.May manga butang kita diri sa Rumblun nga waya' ta masasayūri nga 'ina' gali' hay makwakwartahan.We have things here in Romblon which are not able to be known at all by us from which money can surely be acquired.syn-in-3cfD paN-2kaCV-1prefbeing able to do something

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