pīliwnthe edge of a mat banig, a fishpond pispan, road karsāda, table lamīsa, upland field 'uma; the shallow shore of an ocean up to about 2 meters deep to the water's edgeHay kalū'uy sa Dyus naka'abut da kamiy pīliw.With God's help we were able to reach the shallow [sea] shore.cf'alīhid'alīhid'alīhid'alīhid'alīhidbaybay baybay bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'kakantukantūhankantukantukantukantupatakas tākastūnga'tūnga'tūnga'tūnga'tunga' tunga' tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'

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