putusmeas na nonspecific or specific number of wrapped packages of somethingNiyan pag'āgi ku kay Nāna 'Inday, nagbu'uy 'aku duha ka putus nga tināpay.At the time when I passed by the place of Aunt Inday, I got two wrapped packages of bread.vSomeone wraps something, herself, himself in a covering.ginputus, pinutus'Inūtud nang prinsīsa 'ang 'iya kamut kag pinutus sa panyung burdādu.The princess cut off her hands and wrapped them in an embroidered handkerchief.Ginapabalikbālik ning hību', kag pagkatāpus ning hību', 'ibutang sa limpyu nga pinggan 'ang pinutus nga buyung.[The wrapped medicine] is rubbed on back and forth, and after rubbing on the wrapped medicine, it should be put in a clean plate.nagputusvSomething is wrapped in paper, a banana leaf or some such material.Si Lūla, nagputus gid sa 'iya banig.As for Grandmother, she wrapped [herself] in her mat.napuputusYāri na 'ang bāyus nang 'īmu 'unga', napuputus sa panyung burdādu.This now is the answer of your daughter; [it] was surely able to be wrapped in an embroidered handkerchief.pagputusgersomeone's wrapping somethingMalapadlāpad nga manipis 'ang 'īmu pagputus.Your [way of] wrapping is very wide and flat.putus, kaputusna wrapped package of something'Ang kāda 'isa 'ini nga putus hay 'ūnu singkwinta.Each wrapped package [of this shrimp salsa] is one [peso and] fifty [centavos].Niyan pag'āgi ku kay Nāna Klara, nagbu'uy 'aku duha kaputus nga tināpay.At the time when I passed by the place of Aunt Clara, I got two wrapped packages of bread.putusunBumu'uy ning dāhun nang sāging kag putusun 'ang 'implastu nga ginghuman.Get a banana leaf and the medicinal plaster which was made should be wrapped.

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