limusnalms for the poor; a money offering for the dead, for the church'Ang manga malapit nga hāli nang namatay kung nagata'u ning limus hay daku'.As for the close co-lateral relatives of the one who died, when [they] gave a money offering, [it] is'ālay'ālaypakumkumtyaw'ānan1vSomeone gives alms to a poor person or gives an offering for a dead person, to the church.naglimus gave alms or gave an offeringmaglimusinfto give alms to the poor; to give a money offering for the dead, to the churchKung sin'u 'ang gustu maglimus kwarta sa patay ginabutang sa garapun.Whoever wants to give a money offering for the dead [the offering] is put in a jar.

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