kubravSomeone receives wages for work accomplished.'ipakubraSi Birtu, 'indi' 'ānay 'ipakubra 'ang kwarta sa manga hurnal.As for Berto, the money will not be allowed [by him] to be received by the laborers.kubrāhan'Ang 'āmun naman kubrāhan paghalin nang bapur, ma'abūtan pa ning tatlu ka 'adlaw bāgu nāmun makubra.As for the time of our receiving [wages] after leaving the ship, it will reach three days before [they] will be able to be received by us.kubrāhun'Ang kubrāhun nang manga hurnal, waya' ninda nga dā'an gina'intindiha.As for [wages] received by the laborers, they did not attend to it immediately.makakubravWages are received by someone.Ginapatanga'tangā'an naga'ābut ning tuyu ka 'adlaw bāgu kami makakubra.[It] is taken it for granted that [it] will reach three days before we will be able to receive [our wages].makubrati gerthe time of someone's receiving wagesKung 'umabut naman 'ang bapur 'adlaw nang Duminggu, makubra naman 'ang 'āmun hinurnalan 'adlaw naman nang Martis hasta Myirkulis.If the boat arrived on a Sunday, our laborer's wages would be able to be received only on a Tuesday or Wednesday.pakubravWages or money for wages is allowed to be received by someone by someone else.

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