pag-anneg locf affSomeone or something is not or was not the location of an action by someone else.Kung 'indi' mu pagbutangan, hay malubay.If [the wire mesh deep sea fish trap] will not have [bamboo strips] put into [it, it] will be an - an gina-an gina-an gina-i gina-i giN-an -i -i -i -in-an4pag-i pag-i pag-i neg imper locf affSomeone, something, a place must not or should not be the location of an action performed by someone.Kung 'aku makahalin diri sa bayay, 'ayaw gid 'aku pagtudlu'an sa manga magūyang 'agud hay 'indi' 'aku makīta'!If I am able to leave this house, I must not be pointed out to [our] parents so that I will not be seen!Kung lūtu' na 'indi' mu na pagbutangan ning bunut 'ang kalāyu.When [the copra] is already cooked, the fire must not have coconut husks put into [it].loc ger affsomeone's, something's, a place's being the location of an action by someone elseMa'āyu 'ang pag'atāman kay Birhinya nang 'iya 'āmu.Virginia's being cared for by her employer is good.loc ti ger affafter or upon someone's, something's, a place's being the location of an action by someone elsePagbuhī'an mu, masara na 'agud bukun pa magastus sa tūbi' kag 'indi' maglam'aw.Upon [the automatic shut-off tap's] being released by you, [it] will then close so that [it] will not still consume the water and [the water] will not become stagnant.cfpag-i recip ag ger afftwo people's doing something to or with each other'Ang 'iya hambay sa magūyang, "Lūlu, ma'āyu baya mag'inūman 'ānay kita, 'agud malīpay 'ang 'ātun pag'isturyāhan."He said to the old man, "Grandfather maybe it is good that we will drink with each other first, so that our talking to each other will be delightful."

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