Dint affWord doubling, intensifies the meaning of an adjective, a verb derived from an adjective or a noun.Kadamu'dāmu' 'ang nagpangtībul kay namag'u sinda nang patakaran nang tibulan.Very many sat at tables because they were attracted by the novelty of the decorations of the table areas.Nagpānaw na kami 'ina' nyan kay nagadaku'daku' na 'ang 'uyan nga nagatūyu'.We left there then because the rain that was dripping was becoming very intense.Ginadahandāhan 'ina' sa pagsīhud 'ang 'uyang nga pāra 'indi' na magpisik.Scooping up brook shrimp is done very slowly so that they will no longer escape.Bāgu sinarhan 'ang kaban, nakahambay pa gid si Plurintīna "Pa'ālam na mahal kung 'Inrīku, 'itutūnud na kami nang 'unga' mu sa kalawudlawūran."Before the clothes trunk was closed, Florentina was able to say "Goodbye my dear Enrico; we, your children, will surely be cast into the very deep sea."cfCV- CV- CV- CV- D -in-3-in-3-in-4 paka-paN-2paN-2paN-2paN-9 rep affWord doubling, indicates repetitive action or states or successive actions or states often of an unremitting nature; objects, things or people are extensive in some aspect of distribution.With a negative, the extent of an action or state is negated.Si Birting lang kunu kag 'ang 'iban sa 'indu hay nagturagtūrag didtu sa lugar nga ginabuy'an nang tūbi'.Only Berting and others of them thoroughly tramped around there in the place where water is gotten.'Adtung natumpag na sayug 'ākun gingpidasupidasu kay 'indi' ku madāya pagplastar kung 'ang bilug nga simintu 'ang 'ākun hakwatun.That [cement] floor that collapsed was divided into many pieces by me because it would not be able to be lifted by me in arranging [it] if what I would move would be whole cement pieces.Ma'āgi 'ini sa 'īmu kamut tagsatagsa nga trabāhu.These jobs will pass repeatedly one by one through your hands.'Ang nagapa'āput ning kalāyu hay 'inut'inut 'ang butang nang baguy.The ones who make the fire do the placing of the [coconut] shells little by little.'Indi' naman, nga nākun, mahabuthābut 'ang nagadumāya nang tindāhan.The one managing the store, I said, will not at all be busy.cas/ min affWord doubling, indicates that an object or thing is a superficial or miniature replica of another object or thing; the position or status of a person is an imitation of the position or status of people in general.For another function of doubling, see giN-D-an.Dira' 'ina' sa 'inda bayaybāyay hay 'igwa da 'ina' sinda ning nanaynānay kag tataytātay.There in their playhouse, those ones have a pretend mother and a pretend father.cfCV- D -in-3paN-2mod affSomething is moderately or somewhat of the nature or quality of how it is described.'Ang kulur nang 'unud nang daminsuy hay mapuyapuya.The color of the meat of common bubble mollusk is reddish (or light red).

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