'ikawt pronYou (sg.) do something; you (sg.) are in a particular state; you (sg.) have something done to you; you (sg.) have something; you (sg.) have a particular designation; you (sg.) are allowed by someone to do something or to have something done to you.Occurs preceding the predicate in a dependent clause. For the topic pronoun following the predicate, see ka.Kung 'ikaw magbakay sa butīka 'ang prisyu hay parīhu nang sa kay Rusa.If you buy at the drugstore, the price is the same as at Rosa's.cfka1 t pronOccurs as a transposed topic preceding the predicate.Kahinangyan gid, kung 'ikaw hay may gardin, kāda 'āga dāpat hay 'īmu tatāpun.It is surely necessary if, as for you, [you] have a garden, [that] every morning [it] will be visited by you.t pron'Ikaw follows the genitive pronoun ta and adverbs such as gid, na, naman.May kāya 'aku nga bakyan ta 'ikaw ning sapātus.I have the resources in which you will be bought shoes by me.Dinahānan ku gid 'ikaw bīsan yāri ka sa 'ākun kahari'an.You were really respected by me while you were here in my kingdom.Kung tāpus ka na ning hīmu' nang pamutūtan, makadtu na 'ikaw sa kalanasan kag siru'un sa manga dagāmi nang humay kung yāra' 'ang kapututan.When you are finished making the holes of the pond-field shrimp colander basket, then you can go to the rice field and look in the stubble if that is a pond-field shrimp area.Pagkatāpus mu ning sābat sa primīru, madūgang naman 'ikaw ning lāya.Upon your completing the weaving of dyed buri strips at the beginning, you will then add to the weaving.cmt pronYou (sg.) are the one to do something; you (sg.) are in a particular state.'Ikaw follows the verb, preceded by ta, to denote that you singular are the object of something done by me.Taw'an ta 'ikaw ning rigālu.You will be given a gift by me.Kahinangyānun ta gid 'ang ma'īsug 'ang 'ātun bu'ut nga 'ikaw makatrabāhu sa paghurnal.[It] will certainly be needed by us that our hearts be courageous [so] that one is able to engage in manual labor [on a ship].Used as an indefinate pronoun.cmt pronOccurs as sentence predicate followed by a substantive topic introduced by 'ang.'Ang hambay ni Tātay kay Lādi kay 'ikaw 'ang kamaguyāngan, pag'asāwa na lang.Father told Ladie, because you are the eldest, take a spouse now.cfka1

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