santusna saint of the Christian faithMay yāra' nga nanay nga kāda 'isa nya nga 'unga' hay 'igwa gid ning pangāku' sa kāda 'isa nga santus.There are some mothers in which as for each separate child of hers there is a vow to a particular saint.cfribultunpatrun nga santus21nthe patron saint of a town, village'Ang patrun nga santus nang baranggay nang Lūnus hay si Lurinsu Ruwis.The patron saint of the village of Lonos is Lorenzo Ruiz.A patron saint of a village is chosen by the Roman Catholic Church to be the guardian and protector of that village.2nthe image of a saintKadāmu' 'ang 'inda santus sa 'altar.They have many images of saints on the altar.Images, either pictures or statues, are used within the Roman Catholic Church.cfribultu

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