hīpusvSomeone remains quiet or remains silent.hīpus, maghīpusimper vBe quiet!Hīpus na gāni' tū'u dira' kay nagapatūyug 'aku ning 'unga'.Please be quiet there now because I am letting the child sleep.Maghīpus kamu! Bukun matū'ud 'ang 'indu manga ginahambay.You be quiet! The things that have been said by you are not true.mahīpusMabati'an kita ni Lulu kung kita maglubuk, gāni' mahīpus lang kita.We will be heard by Grandfather if we make puffed rice so we will just remain quiet.nagahinīpusNagahinīpus lang 'ina' si Suylu kag magpinamāti' sa 'iya tatay.Zoilo just continually remains silent and keeps on listening to his father.nagahīpus, nagapakahipusNang pinasāka' na 'ang manga tāwu sa bayay ninda, tinawag si Milba sa 'iya kwartu kay yadtu siya sa suyud nagapakahipus sa 'iya kwartu.When the people were brought up to their house, Melba was called from her room because she had been remaining silent there in her room.nagpamaghīpus'Ang manga nabati'an nang manga tāwu sa lūlu ni 'Ulība hay tāma'; gāni' nagpamaghīpus na lang sinda.As for the things which were heard by the people from Oliva's grandfather, [they were] correct; that's why each of them just remained quiet.nagpinakahīpusMa'āyu 'ang 'inda pagkatāgu' kag nagpinakahīpus.Their being able to hide was good and [they] remained very quiet.

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