'isturyana story, a conversation'Ang 'ākun 'isturya hay 'ang natabu' nang naglīgad nga būlan nang Disimbri.My story is about what happened last month of December.'Ang pūnu' nang 'isturya nāmun kahāpun hay 'adtu 'ang nagpangawat ning kwarta.The main topic of our conversation yesterday was about that one who extensively stole money.vSomeone, tells a story or talks about something; two or more discuss something, have a conversation about something.'inisturyāhan, 'isturyāhanagf recip vTwo or more talk to each other, tell stories to each other.'isturyahan, 'i'isturyaWaya' na da 'isturyahan ni Nanay kay Tatay 'ang 'iya nasayūran.That which she knew was not told by Mother to Father.'Igwa 'aku ning 'i'isturya sa 'īmu; 'ini hay tungud sa ka'ayuhan nga ginghuman nang Ginū'u sa 'ākun kabūhi'.There is something that I will tell you; it is about the benefits which were performed by God in my life.gina'isturyaPagkatāpus, gina'isturya ninda kung san'u nga būlan kag pitsa 'ang ma'āyu nga 'inda 'ipakasay.Afterwards, when the month and date [would be] which would be good for them to have their wedding ceremony performed is talked about by them.ma'isturyaMa'isturya 'aku nang 'ākun na'agihan nang 'unga' pa 'aku hasta nga magka'asāwa.I will tell a story about my experiences when I was still a child until I was able to take a spouse.Nita, kari 'ānay diri hu kay kita ma'isturya ning ma'āyu.Nita, come right here please because we will have a good conversation.maka'isturya'Aku hay 'indi' pa da maka'isturya niyan nang parti sa tiyad 'ina', pīru masayūran na lang 'ina' nindu sa 'iba nga 'adlaw.As for me, I am not yet able to talk about that (i.e., about Roque's condition) now, but that will be found out by you some day.nag'inisturyāhan, nag'isturyāhanNag'inisturyāhan sinda.They told stories to each other.Nag'isturyāhan pa da kami.We also talked to each other.nag'isturyaPag'abut ku sa bayay nang 'ākun 'āmu nga Duktūra, hay nag'isturya na 'aku nang 'ākun manga trabāhu sa syap.When I arrived at the house of my female doctor employer I talked about my work there in shop.naga'isturya'Ang manga magūyang ni Samsun hābang yāra' sa dāyan naga'isturya 'ang mag'asawa parti kay Samsun.The parents of Samson, while they were there on the road, the couple were discussing something about Samson.pag'inisturyāhan1gerthe telling of stories to each other by two or more'Ang 'iya hambay sa magūyang, "Lūlu, ma'āyu baya mag'inūman 'ānay kita, 'agud malīpay 'ang 'ātun pag'inisturyāhan.He said to the old man, Grandfather maybe it is good that we will drink with each other first, so that our telling stories to each other will be delightful.2vSomething is told to someone by someone else, is discussed or talked about by two or more.

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