'ūrasnan hour, consisting of sixty minutes'Ang 'īmu 'ini pagla'ga', 'īmu gid pakayadkarun ning ma'āyu manga subra tunga' sa 'ūras.As for your boiling of these [buri leaves], let them boil very well for over a half hour.cfhābanghābanghasta hasta kung kasan'ukung kasan'ukung san'ukung san'umintras mintras sa1 sa1 samantāla'samantāla'tubtub tubtub meas na nonspecific or specific number of hours; a time measurementMay 'isa pa baya 'adtu ka 'ūras nga 'āmun paghalin didtu, natāpus na da 'ang bayli.About one hour after our going there, the dance was finished.na period or schedule of time for something to happensirū'an ning 'ūras: riluthat for measuring time: a watch, clockKung sa 'ākun lang gid 'ang 'ūras nga ma'āyu nga 'iyugkatuyug hay 'alas syīti nang gab'i.As for me, a good time for sleeping is seven o'clock at night.'Anung 'ūras na?What time is it?'ūras naadvIt is now time for something to happen.'Ūras na is a minor sentence type; that to be done, for which the time has arrived, is expressed by a phrase or clause preceded by nga or sa.Kung 'ūras na nga madābuk sa sīlung nang tapāhan, dāpat hay 'īmu 'ānay kutkutan 'ang dūta' sa sīlung nang tapāhan.When it is now time to build a fire under the smoking rack first you should dig out the soil under the smoking rack.'Ūras na sa pagkatūyug.It is now time for sleeping.ma'abut 'ang 'ūrasadvThe time will come when something will happen.Kung nahuman niya sa 'asāwa nga 'iya lukūhun, ma'abut man 'ang 'ūras nga huhumanun da 'itun niya sa 'ākun kung 'ākun siya 'asawāhun.If [that] was able to be done by him to his wife to whom he acted dishonestly, the time will surely come when this will also be repeatedly done by him to me if he will be taken by me as a spouse.sa tāma' nga 'ūras1advSomething happens at the right time.Kung kita magkā'un hay 'ang sa tāma' nga 'ūras.If we eat, it should be at the right time.2prepDuring a particular event or situation, another event occurred or another situation existed.'Ūras nang kasay 'inanunsyu nang hāri' sa tanan nga 'ang 'iya pagataw'an nang 'iya kurūna hay waya' ning 'iba kundi' si Prinsipi 'Adūnis.During the wedding ceremony [it] was announced by the king to everyone that the one who would be give his crown by him would be no other than prince Adonis.cfhābangmintras sa1 samantāla

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