'ayuknthe bark of a dogvA dog barks.'ayukunMakabati' lang gid 'ang 'ākun 'āyam ning kāyas sa kalinghutan ginakadtu niya kag 'ayukun.[Whenever] my dog happens to hear a hissing sound in a rank vegetation area it is approached by him and [it] is barked at.Other calls of a dog: lāgut growl, 'uyāgik yelp.24, Sounds of Animals and Fowlnag'ināyukvSomeone or something is barked at by a dog.Nag'ināyuk nga nag'ināyuk 'ang 'āyam hasta sa mabati'an nang 'āmu.The dog kept on barking and barking until the master heard [it].

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