pasuga1na wedding-announcement feastFollowing an initial planning session pamalāyi by the parents of a boy and girl to be married, a wedding-announcement feast is sponsored by the parents of the boy for friends and relatives of both the boy and girl. The date of the feast is set by the girl's parents.cfpunsyunvA prospective bride has a wedding announcement feast held for her.ginpasugahanGinpasugahan gāni' 'aku hay ka'isut pa 'aku.When I had a wedding announcement feast held [for me] I was still small.pagpasugagersomeone's holding a wedding announcement feast'Ang 'inda gid 'adtu gin'īhaw sa pagpasuga sa 'ākun, hay tatlu gid ka bilug nga bābuy.As for those [things] that were butchered by them in holding a wedding announcement feast for me, they were three pigs.cfpamalāyi2 pasuga2sigir

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