pilasna wound inflicted by an instrument or object'Ang pilas sa 'ākun kamut hay salipapaw lang; bukun grābi.The wound on my hand is just superficial; [it is] not serious.ps-vA part of the body is cut or wounded.Kung matimakan mu 'ini sigurādu gid nga pilas 'ang 'īmu siki.If these [cocks comb oysters] happen to be stepped on by you, it is sure that your feet will be cut.kapīlasvA part of the body becomes cut or wounded as a result of some action.mapipīlas'Ini nga sīhi', kung 'īmu matimakan hay mapipīlas 'ang 'īmu siki'.This [dentalium inaequicostatum] mollusk, if you happen to step on [it] your feet will surely be accidentally wounded.nagakapīlas'Ang nagabunut ning niyug, hay nagakapīlas 'ang 'īmu pāyad sa 'īmu pagdug'un nang niyug.In the husking of coconuts, your palm becomes cut in pushing hard against the coconuts.napīlasNapīlas 'ang 'ākun kamut nang kārit pag'āni ku kahāpun.My hand became wounded with the harvest sickle when I harvested rice.

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