san'uvarsa'unuintg advWhen will an event occur or a state exist?San'u indicates an event or state in present or future time. For an event or state in past time, see kasan'u.San'u ku baya matāpus 'ang 'ākun hugasan?When, I wonder, will the [utensils] that will be washed by me be able to be finished?synkasan'u1 kasan'u3intg adv'ābir san'u1indef ti advat any timePuydi ka maka'istar 'ābir san'u basta gustu mu.You can stay at any time provided you want to.kung san'uvarkung sa'unurel advwhen or until an event occurs or a state exists'Indi' makapangāku' si Mistir Santus kung san'u mag'abut 'ang būlig nang gubirnu.Mr. Santos cannot promise when the financial help from the Government will arrive.Bāsi' 'indi' ka maghuyat kung sa 'unu sa 'īmu 'ita'u nang 'īmu magūyang?Why will you not wait until your parents will give it to you?synkung kasan'ucfhābanghābanghasta hasta hasta kung kasan'ukung kasan'ukung kasan'umintras mintras mintras sa1 sa1 samantāla'samantāla'tubtub tubtub 'ūras 'ūras

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