pag-ineg locf affA person, place or thing was not the location of an action performed by someone.Sa kahāngit nang ba'u, kay waya' siya paghuyūgi, nagpamunpun siya tunuk nang kawāyan kag 'iya binutang sa lāwas nang sāging.In great anger the turtle, because he was not given [any fruit by the monkey], picked up spiny bamboo spines and put them at the bottom of the banana an gina-an gina-i gina-i -i -i ka-an1ma-an ma-ima-ina-anna-i na-i pag-an pag-an pag-an neg imper locf affSomeone, something, a place must not or should not be the location of an action performed by someone.The range of meaning of this locative focus affix includes what is generally called beneficiary focus.Manggarānun 'ikaw, pubri 'aku, pīru 'ayaw gid 'aku pagtimāki, kay waya' ta 'ikaw pagtimāki nang pagpalapit mu sa 'ākun!You are rich, I am poor, but I should not be despised because you were not despised by me upon your coming near me!'Indi' na 'aku nindu pagbakyi ning makina kay kanūgun lang 'ang kwarta!I should no longer have a sewing machine bought [for me] by you because the money will just be wasted!neg ger locf affixwithout having something put into itThis negative imperative locative focus affix inflects causative verbs.'Ayaw gid 'aku pagpakahuy'i sa manga tāwu.I should not in any way be caused to be embarrassed in the presence of the people.'Ang paglūtu' 'adtu nang manuk, waya' pagbu'aka, kundi' ginbu'uy lang tanan 'ang kasudlan kag ginla'ga' sa tūbi', waya' pagbutangi ning 'asin.The way to cook that chicken [is that] it is not cut into halves, but just all the organs are removed and [it is] boiled in water without having salt put into [it].cfpag-an

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