lābanvSomeone competes against someone else for a particular prize or result.cfpagkandidātaginlābanNang kami ginlāban sa tatlu ka lugar, kami 'ang nakabu'uy ning 'isa sa pinakamatā'as na puntus.When we were competed against in three places, we alone were the ones able to get the highest score points.kalābanna competitor or rival in an activity'Ang 'ākun naman kalāban sa pamayadmāyad hay midyu malakas siya sa ma'istra, ngāni' 'aku waya' nabutang sa pangduha.My rival in the class was somewhat popular with my teacher, so I was not able to be placed in second honors.cfkandidāta karīballabanlābanna competition'Ini 'ang nagataksi' hay labanlāban da 'ini.As for this playing of rubber bands, this too is a competition.cfkandidāta magalāban, malābanvSomeone is competed against by someone else for a particular prize or result.'Adtu nga pagkandidāta niya bukun ning pagwapagwāpa, kundi' sa kwarta sinda magalāban; kung sin'u 'ang daku' kwarta, siya 'ang rayna.As for her competing as a contestant, [it is] not for beauty but [it is] for money that they will compete against [their opponents]; whoever is the one who has lots of money, she will be the queen.

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