pagka-abl gerprefsomeone's or something's being able to do somethingMa'āyu 'ang 'inda pagkatāgu' kag nagpinakahīpus.Their being able to hide was good and [they] kept very quiet.synkaCV-2cfkaCV-2kaCV-2kaCV-2naga- naga- naga- pag-2 pag-2 pag-2 paN-11 paN-4paN-4ti gerprefAfter or upon someone's doing something or the arrival of a particular time, an event occurs or a situation exists.Pagkabati' nang 'āmun 'inirgūhan hay humalin si Lusit sa 'iya pagkā'un kay nahāngit siya.After hearing our conversation, Lucit left [her] eating because she was angry.PagkaSabadu nang gab'i, manga 'alas sayis nang gab'i, yāra' na 'ang manga magūyang ni Taylu.Upon the arrival of Saturday evening, about six o'clock in the evening, the parents of Taylo were already there.Kung masang'at mu tanan nga binu'ak nga niyug sa hāpun, pagka'āga 'īmu na pa'asuhan.If all the coconut pieces are able to be put down by you in the afternoon, upon [its] becoming morning [they] will be smoked by ti gerprefafter or upon someone's or something's being an accessory to an action by someone elsePagkatūnud sa 'iya sa lawud gina'anud'ānud na 'ang kaban nang sulug.Upon her being cast away into the open sea, the clothes trunk was gradually being washed away by the current.

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