huyatvSomeone waits until an event occurs or waits for someone, something.A verb inflected for agent focus is predicate; the one waiting for something is topic and, when expressed, that waited for is a modifying phrase optionally introduced by the modifying ligature nga.ginahuyat'Ining 'ātun manga 'asāwa hay ginahuyat 'ānay nga mag'uyan bāgu magdugdug.As for our husbands, for it to rain is waited for [by them] before putting on a roof.huyatunHuyatun mu si Miltyur nga matuyūgan bāgu ka magpānaw.Melchor should be waited for by you to be able to sleep before you go.maghuyatvSomeone, something or an event is waited for by someone.Bāsi' 'indi' ka maghuyat kung sa 'unu sa 'īmu 'ita'u nang 'īmu magūyang?Why do you not wait until [it] will be given to you by your parents?mahuyatMahuyat lang kami nga makapamakay 'ang manga nigusyanti nang gūlay para kami makalarga.We will wait for the many vegetable merchants to be able to buy so that we will be able to go.nagahuyatPagsuyud 'ina' ninda sa suyud nang 'inda bayay 'igwa 'ina' didtu ning nagahuyat nga magakanta.When they entered their house there were some who were waiting there to sing.naghinūyatNaghinūyat da 'aku hasta mag'āga kay pāra masayūran kung 'anu gid 'ang kasira'an nang makina.I waited and waited until morning in order that I would be able to know about the breakdown of the machine.naghuyatNaghuyat si Lūpu didtu hasta maggab'i.Lopo waited there until it became night.

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