-in-1varni-1gfinfixSomeone or something was acted upon by someone else.Past tense -in- is affixed to stems with the extensive prefix paN- (with no other affixation). The resultant affix combination consists of two separate affixes with distinct functions and not the prefix variant pinaN- described in paN-2.Kadaku'dāku' gid 'ang 'uyan; kadāmu' nga bayay 'ang binaha' pakadtu sa dāgat.The rain was very heavy; there were many houses that were flooded going to the sea.Kinūgus si Buy nang 'iya lūla.Boy was carried in the arms by his grandmother.Nahāngit 'ang 'uning; nilagud siya pīru ma'abtik 'ang 'ambu'.The cat got angry; [the rat] was chased but the rat was quick [in running].'Aba, pinanggan'ut 'aku pagkatāpus ku ning kā'un.Oh, I was extensively soaked by perspiration upon my completion of eating.Ngāni' 'āmun na pinangsaylu tanan 'ang daya sa pinakamalapit nga pirtāhan.So all the things were all transferred by us to the nearest doorway.acfinfixSomeone or something was an accessory to an action by someone else.Past tense -in- is affixed to stems derived with the prefix paN- e.g., pangasāwa. The resultant affix combination is not the prefix variant pinaN- described in paN-2.Kay Tāta Dīnu na 'aku nagbāhuy hasta nga pinangasāwa.I grew up with Uncle Dino until [I] was courted.Dinaya niya pabālik 'ang kaban bīsan waya' siya dāwi nga 'isda'.The clothes trunk was taken by him going back even though he had not caught fish.syngiN- cfgina- na--un n dervinfixIndicates a noun resulting from an operation performed on something.The range of meaning of this accessory focus prefix includes what is generally called instrumental focus.'Ang subra nga kwarta binakay nāmun ning kawāyan nga gamītun sa huhumanun nga tabūnan.As for the extra money, it was used by us to buy bamboo which will be used in repeatedly making deep sea fish traps.'Ang hambay niya sa 'ākun hay matīpun 'ānay kami kwarta kay kahuga' 'ang nagapamilya nga waya' tinipun nga kwarta.He said to me that we will first save money because it is difficult having a family when there are no money savings.'Ang manga tinābas, hay ginatambitambi kag ginahuman nga punda nang 'uyūnan.As for remnant cloths, [they] are all joined together and made into a pillowcase for a pillow.syngiN- cfgina- 'i-1na'i-n dervinfixExamples of other nouns derived with -in- or variant ni-: kilis washes rice, kinilis rice wash water; līkid is cylindrically rolled, linikid, nilikid a cylindrically rolled object; sābag is roasted, sinābag roasted food; sāya' is strained, sināya' a strained liquid; tū'um is cooked in a banana leaf over live coals, tinu'um food cooked in a banana leaf over live coals.

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