hīmu'vSomeone acts or does something in a particular manner.cfbugha'ginapahumanhumanmagbugha'mahuman1ginhīmu'Ginbu'uy nang nanay nga 'ambu' 'ang dāhun kag ginhīmu' nga pūgad.Leaves were gotten by the mother rat and were made into a nest.ginghīmu'vSomething is done by someone.'Gingbu'uy ku 'adtung bayu nang 'āmun lusung kag 'imaw nang ginghīmu' ku nga pangdasuk didtu sa dūta'.The pestle of our mortar was gotten by me and that was what was used by me for tamping the soil there.himū'un1vSomeone makes something.Nagpamuhun kami kay 'Arnuld na kung puydi hay ma'ūli' na kami pāra makapriparar kami kung 'anu 'ang himū'un nāmun sa 'āmun bayay kag gingtugūtan da kami.We asked permission from Arnold if we could go [home] in order to be able to prepare for what would be done by us to our house and we were permitted.cfhumanhimū'un2'Ang manga ritāsu nga manga batu ginabutang sa krāsir pāra himū'un nga bukbuk, grāba kag 'iban pa.The remnants of this [marble] stone will be put into a marble crusher in order that it will be made into powder, gravel and other [material].maghīmu'1imper vAct or do something in a particular manner!Mangyan ka! 'Ayaw maghīmu' ning malā'in!You are an uncivilized person! Don't act badly!maghīmu'21infto act or to do something'Ūras na pāra makatu'un ka nga maghīmu' ning bīsan 'anu.It is already time for you to learn to do something [useful].2vSomething is used for doing something.Followed by nga and a participle indicating that done.maghīmu'3infto make somethingGinghambay ku si Langguy nga maghīmu' ning murun.Langgoy was told by me to make a bottle torch.cfbugha'humannagahīmu'vA person, object, a particular material is made into something else.Followed by nga and a noun indicating that into which someone or something is made.'Ang 'ākun pilit'an ning putut nagahīmu' 'ānay 'aku ning libunlībun nga dāhun nang buli.As a container for me to put small rice field shrimp I am making a small basket of buri leaves.naghīmu'Nang 'ūna pa lang nāmun nga pag'asāwa ni Birting, naghīmu' siya ning tabūnan nga pitu ka bilug.At the beginning of the marriage of Berting and me, he made seven pieces of deep sea fish traps.nahihīmu'Ginhambayan nang 'āyam 'ang 'uning kag 'ambu' nga waya' gid sinda nahihīmu' pāra sa 'inda 'āmu.The cat and rat were told by the dog that nothing had been able to be done by them for their master.nahīmu'Ginkadtu niya 'ang pūnu' nang kāhuy, pīru paghangad niya gin'ipūtan siya nang pikuy kag nahīmu' siya nga batu.He went to the base of the tree, but when he looked up he was excreted on by the parrot and he was made into a stone.

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